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Our Intalling Techniques

Action Tint

Mobile Car Window Tinting

Brisbane - Ipswich - Gold Coast


It is recommended to have your car washed inside and out prior to tinting your windows.

The time it will take to have your windows tinted will depend on your vehicles make and model. 

An estimate time to tint your windows will be included in your quote. 

Heat Shrinking Rear Screen - Action Tint
Door Trim Removal - Action Tint
Car Door Trim Removal - Action Tint
Custom Fittng Top Edge
Rear Screen Tinting


Action Tint mobile window tinting Brisbane prepare the window tint for the rear screen on the outside of the glass. 

Moulding and shaping the rear window tint with heat will allow the glass to be tinted on the inside of the rear screen in one piece avoiding splice lines or join up lines.


This process will also avoid the window tint from blistering or bubbling. 

Door Trims


Door trims of most vehicles are removed from the door to ensure that the washing and detailing of the glass is done to perfection prior to the fitting of the window tint.


This process will allow us to apply our window tint to your door glass without any creases, gaps and will also avoid the tint peeling from the bottom edge. 


This process also avoids the window tint from d'laminating

(splitting or separating layers of tint and scratch resistant coating).


Action Tint mobile window tinting

Brisbane - Ipswich - Gold Coast 

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Side Windows


Action Tint mobile window tinting Brisbane cut templates for the side windows and then cut the tint on a cutting table. We then mould the tint with a powerful heat gun to fit it in one piece with no bubbles.


Moulding and shaping the window tint for the side wind up windows, also makes it easier to custom fit the top edge. This means the window will be tinted to the top edge of the glass with no gaps.


This process also helps the window tint to not peel from the top edge. (Keep in mind that the rubber surrounding the glass from the inside needs to be in good condition).


By preparing the window tint this way, will also avoid spears. (long candle looking bubbles that appear from the sides and bottom edge of the windows).

In some cases, windows will be removed for a professional custom look.

Custom Tinted Quarter Glass
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