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Removing Window Tint

Window Tint Removal - Action Tint

The pictures on this page, will help you to understand the difference between a car window tint that is not compliant to roadworthy laws, compared to a car window tint that meets the rules and standards.  


In most cases, it's quite easy to know when a window tint is not compliant.

blurry tinted car window
Bubbled tint on a rear window of a car
Bubbled Tint on a car rear windscreen glass

Knowing when a car window tint need to be replaced:


1) While sitting on the drivers seat and looking through a tinted car window, the view must be clear. If you can not see clearly through your tinted windows, the tint on your glass will need to be replaced.

2) When you look at the rear windscreen of your car window, viewing them from the outside, the tint must not look bubbled.


3) When sitting in the drivers seating position, and you notice that any of your cars window tints are beginning to bubble, or look blurry, it's recommended to replace the tint, because as time goes past, the tinted glass will get harder and harder to be seen through.

4) If the window tint has lifted, or has peeled back, it's important to replace the window tint. Even more so, if the window tint has lifted in direct view of either side view mirrors, due to the fact that the faulty tint will make it hard to see.

5) It's also important to check visibility of your tinted window at night, sitting in the driver seating position. If you have to open your window to see clearly, this might be an indication that the tint might need to be replace.

6) Darker than legal tinted windows could lead you to legal issues. Visit our Qld Car Window Tinting laws page for more info.

All these are good examples of faulty tints and should be removed immediately as they are not safe, and are not permitted on registered road vehicles.


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Car Tint that has peeled
Window Tint Removal
Removal of car window tint This job is done with a steamer to ensure that no damage to the rear heater bars occur and it is highly recommended that professionally trained window tinting experts should do the job. The water steamer operates at over 100 degrees! Lot's of patience and skill is required. Step by step instructions


  • Prepare the area. (have enough space to move around the tinted car)

  • Prepare Water Steamer. (read safety instructions)

  • Remove door trims & rubbers if needed. (experience needed)

  • Cover or remove rear parcel shelf and seats with towels and drop sheets. (experience)

  • Once the steamer is ready for use, apply steam to the Tinted window

  • With a plastic stick, pick the edge of the tint

  • Grab onto the tint and gently pull away.

  • Once the tint is removed, spray glue remover, and clean

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe off. (SAFE METHOD)


Note: The combination of correct temperature, and pull away technique, will assist in leaving less or no residue. (sticky old glue)


Note: Some tints can be removed with no heat or hot steam.


Note: Glass with no heater bars. Spray soapy water on glass to loosen up left over adhesive, and use a stainless steel razor blade with plastic holder to remove residue. (experience necessary) 


Note: Glass with heater bars, can be cleaned with a fine piece of steel wool.

Note: All heated windows risk damage to heater bars during the process of removing window tint. 



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