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Home Window Tinting 

Window Tinting is Multi-Functional


Frosted Tints are commonly used for privacy & stylish looks. These are usually applied to :

  1. Front entrance doors glass inserts & windows

  2. Bathroom & toilet windows

  3.  Skylight glass 

  4. Staircase Windows

  5.  Clear glass table tops

  6. Frosted Tints can also be used as a divider for partition windows


Action Tint mobile window tinting Brisbane 1300 763 357


This type of window tint comes in opaque, & is not able to be seen through from a distance.


note: that if an object is sitting against the frosted tint on the glass, it will be visible. However, if the object is placed 5 cm away it will no longer be clearly visible.

There are other types of tints for home window tinting & office window tinting that also block out completely. These are called block out vinyls. 
 It's not possible to see through these types of window tints at all.


Clear safety tints are also available! These types make the glass much stronger & hold pieces together in case of breakage in a storm or an accident. Blocks 65% UV.


Action tint mobile window tinting 1300 763 357

Servicing all areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, & the Gold Coast


All window tints come from International Window Tinting Film manufactures & are distributed 
in Australia. 


All window tinting films are covered with a warranty of 10 years, plus have our Lifetime installation Warranty



Action Tint mobile window tinting offer a variety of tint shades of Nano Ceramic Tints, Frosted Tints and One Way Mirror.


We carry all window tints in our vehicles at all times


The Tints we carry for home window tinting include those designed for mobile car tinting with the darkest legal 35% V.L.T and 20% & can also be used for home window tinting, to darker and lighter tint shades.


The darkest shades of Nano Ceramic Window Tints are commonly used for rear sections of commercial/goods carrying vehicles, & can also be used for home windows tinting. These Tints have low reflection of 10% or less. These Tint types of window tints absorb' most of the heat from the direct sunlight & filter IR rays.



Action Tint home window tinting also carry tints that have a Metal Base like nickel & chrome that reflect the heat, most commonly known as Mirror Tints. These tints block high levels of heat (around 83%). The Nano Ceramic Tints for home window tinting are the most popular due to their low reflection and high heat block (around 70%)


Ceramic Tints are non metal, & can be used to tint cars & for tinting home windows.


Action Tint mobile window tinting Brisbane 1300 763 357

Our Mirror Tint have high heat block, and are commonly used in office window tinting, home window tinting,  commercial window tinting, that have tinted glass (or privacy glass). Because of the high level of reflection, this tint is not recommended to be applied to clear glass, or glass manufactured with a very light tint in it. 

Mirror tints 'reflect' most of the heat from direct sunlight apart from the heat block properties of the tint.


All these home window tinting block out 99% of the harmful UV rays!


Our Home window tinting service is available in all areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, & the Gold Coast.


Action tint mobile window tinting Brisbane 1300 763 357


Note: Factory Privacy Glass are those that have a dark pigment within the glass/Tint in the glass. 

Important information you need to know for home window tinting, & office window tinting quotes



As a general rule we give quotes over the phone & via e-mail. You will need to Measure the height & width of the frame & tell us how many pieces of glass in it that need tinting.


Action Tint mobile window tinting Brisbane

1300 763 357

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