Office Window Tinting for all areas of Brisbane, Ipswich & the Gold Coast


Action Tint specialize in the installation of Window Tints on Glass Windows for offices. These include Frosted Tints, Custom cut Frosted Films, Glass Tint for Privacy issues, Window Tints to block heat, UV & IR.   

Frosted Tints (internal glass windows)


Frosted Tints are a great way to create privacy between office rooms.


A customer waiting room, is a good example of the need to create privacy using frosted tints.


There is no longer the need of curtains & blinds, that dangle, and can create noise from the movement created from fans, air-conditioners, or from opening and closing doors.  

Frosted Tints are very easy to maintain clean compared to a glass surface, curtains and blinds.

Frosted Tints (external glass windows)



Without Frosted Tints, everyone walking, or driving past this office would see inside.


Frosted Tints are a great way to create privacy for both day & night, without the need of curtains & blinds, & without reducing much of the light entering the room or office.


The looks from both inside & out, make this place look proffessional, clean & tidy.