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Differences: Reflective & non Reflective Tints

There are 100's, if not 1000's of window tints on the market today for home and office window tinting, however, there are 2 main types of tints that are commonly applied to the internal glass surface. (To view our range, click here)

Tinted House Windows Nano Ceramic Window Tints
Tinted House Windows with Mirro Tints
Nano Ceramic (less than 10% reflection) vs Mirror Window Tints (more than 20% reflection)

Nano Ceramic Window Tints, can be applied to all home window tinting, small office windows, and automotive glass, whereas Mirror Tints can only be applied to all home and office windows, including large commercial glass. 

The appearance of both window tint types vary in a great way. Mirror Tints have a mirror shiny look, whereas Nano Ceramic Tints can vary from a slightly tinted look to a total black shiny window. 

Viewing through the tinted window from inside have their differences also because both window tints have very different levels of reflection. Nano Ceramic Tints are much easier to see through due to their very low reflection, whereas the Mirror Tints can be much harder to see though.

In regards to One Way Privacy with internal windows, in most cases, the One Way Mirror is the better choice compared to the darkest Nano Ceramic Tint due to the different film constructions. The One Way Mirror is designed with an external reflective tint, and an internal black tint all in one, whereas the Nano Ceramic Tint is black on both sides. Although both will function for a one way vision, the light intensity on either side of the window will play a large roll.   

Wildlife and domestic pets: Many animals, including birds can crash into Tinted windows due to the window reflection that can cause an animal to get confused by seeing a non existing pathway. For example, a bird might see in the tinted glass a reflection of a tree or the sky and assume it can fly through it. Or a dog might not stop barking, wondering why the dog in the reflection does not stop first! You will need to be mindful of this when choosing between a Mirror Tint and a Nano Ceramic Tint. In this case, Mirror Tints are not recommended. 

Nano Ceramic Tints, and Mirror Tints will both block similar amounts of heat in the air caused by direct sunlight. (up to about 80% in the darkest shades of both). This is due to the high quality products used during the manufacturing process. Mirror Tints and Nano Ceramic Tints will also both block high levels of IR rays. Infra Red Rays, (IR), are the rays of the sun that heat objects, like for example floor tiles and furniture.


Both types of window tints will improve the overall appearance of your windows, and reduce the heat entering inside your room via direct sunlight, due to their heat blocking abilities. They will also protect your floors & furniture, because these window tints block almost all the harmful UV Rays.


The darker the window tint shade applied, the more glare these window tints will reduce. For more in regarding glare reduction, please click here.

And in most cases, the darker the window tint applied, the more privacy during daylight hours. Because of this, there is no need to draw your curtains or blinds. For more information regarding privacy with window tinting, please click here.


As an added bonus, window tints will also add safety by protecting you from the glass in the case of accidental breakage. Both the Nano Ceramic Tints, and the Mirror Tints, will help to hold the pieces of broken glass together.


Viewing through the tinted window from inside
Mirror Tint - Tinted glass
Dark Tinted Windows 


Although it might look close to impossible to see through a tinted window from the outside during daylight, the tinted window from the inside is the total opposite, being quite easy to see out. This due to the light intensity of both inside and out.


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