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Home Window Tinting Solution to Glare

Action Tint home mobile window tinting Brisbane, Ipswich & the Gold Coast.

Glare on bottom windows without window tint
No glare with window tint
Glare from a window not Tinted


The photos on on this page, will help you to understand how window tint will assist in cutting down glare. This is important, because glare can make it hard to see through a window.


 The first picture is of a window that has the top two pieces of glass tinted, and the bottom two panes of glass without window tint applied. The excess light seen on the lower part of the glass is called glare.



Tinted Window showing no Glare


The second picture is of the same window after it has had window tint applied to all glass panes, and because if this, the window can be seen through with ease.


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