Action Tint Vehicle / Automotive Tinting Services

Terms & Conditions / Agreement (version 20.07.21) 

Note: This page updates and changes on a regular basis. Please save or print your copy. 

  • Payment options ​including applicable fees  (version 13.12.20) 

  1. Payment terms are strictly C.O.D (Cash On Delivery)

  2. Payment with the correct amount of cash is essential. No change will be given. 

  3. Money transfers are accepted.  You will need to email or SMS your proof of payment.

  4. If you choose to pay via money transfer, your transaction will need to be made prior to completion of  works.

  5. A fee of 2.0% will be charged for payments made via our mobile EFTPOS card machine. Cards and device payments accepted: Cheque & Savings accounts, Debit Cards, eftpos cards with chip, Visa Card, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay & Google Pay. 

  6. A fee of 2.3% will be charged for payments made over the phone.


Note: a copy of your Tax Invoice that will include your payment receipt, will be sent to you via email​, or social media after your funds have been cleared. We do not provide you with a hard copy.


  • Payment methods that are not accepted  (version 13.12.20) 

  1. Paypal

  2. Cheques

  3. Any other payment method by prior arrangement only ​

  • Mobile Car Window Tinting Service (version 20.07.21) 

Important requirement:

  1. You will need to provide us with an area on private property with shelter like a double garage, a workshop or a large shed, with a minimum floor space of 5 x 5 metres. 

  2. Your vehicle doors will need to stay fully open without touching walls, or any other items. 

  3. The covered area will need to be on level ground and must be on private property. 

  4. We will need to have access to a power point within 20 metres

  5. All our work equipment and tools, including our window tints, are stored in our Mobile Tinting vans, so therefore, we will need to park our Tint Van reasonably close to your vehicle to tint it.

  6. Please note: For all mobile car window tinting services in all areas under body corporate, you will need to have permission from the management. In most cases, these areas are not classed as your own private property, even though you might be renting one of the units, or owning your own home. Vehicle parking spaces under buildings, also known as basement car parks, and council property or land like for example streets, footpaths and nature strips,  are not classed as your private property. Car parking spaces in shopping centres or shopping complex buildings are not classed as your private property, even though you might work there. You will need permission from management.


  • Queensland Car Window Tinting Laws (Sept 2017)

  1. A combined total amount of visible light transmittance of 35% or higher, is permitted on the drivers door, and the passenger front door windows.  ​

  2. All windows behind the drivers seating position of light motor vehicles are allowed to have a darker window tint applied. The combined total amount of visible light transmittance of these windows must not be lower than 20%. Your vehicle must also need to be fitted with a rear view mirror on both sides.  

  3. The Front windscreens on all road registered vehicles are only permitted to have a horizontal band across the top section. They can not exceed 10% of the total windscreen height, and must not extend over the path of your wipers. 

  4. The windows in the cargo section of all goods carrying vehicles can be tinted as dark as 0% total block-out.

  5. Heavy motor vehicle and busses that seat 10 or more passengers, can have the windows behind the drivers seating position tinted as dark as 0% total block-out.

  6. The window tint on all windows will need to be in good roadworthy condition with no bubbles and clear to be seen through.


Action Tint will recommend you to have your window tint applied to your vehicle's glass at no darker than the legal limits, and keeping your windows clean at all times. If for whatever reasons, you choose to ignore our recommendations, please be aware that if your windows are inspected by an authorised authority, you may be required to remove any window tint that is not compliant to the current rules and regulations of the state of your vehicles registration. In Queensland, a fine may be issued, and one demerit point may be deducted from your license. Authorised authorities include Roadworthy Inspectors, Queensland Transport, and Police.  


  • Warranty Automotive 2018 (version 25.03.21)

  1. Car Window Tint Warranty - Action Tint All our window tints come with a Lifetime Installation Warranty. Any defect arising from improper installation will be replaced at no cost to you.

  2. All our window tints come with a 10 year manufacturer product warranty. Your Car Window Tint Warranty is covered for: Cracking and crazing, or if it becomes blurry and hard to see through, or if it has bubbled or peeled. If any of these issues occur during your cars window tint warranty period, we will replace your window tint.

  3. SPECIAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please avoid handling and cleaning your window tint for 48 hours after installation. We recommend cleaning the tint with plain water and a chamois, or soft clean towel. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE OR AMMONIA BASED PRODUCTS ON YOUR TINT AS THESE CAN CAUSE DAMAGE THAT WILL VOID ALL WARRANTY.

  4. In the case of a warranty claim, a copy of your fully paid invoice will be required, together with your drivers license as a form of ID. Note: It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your vehicle's number plates.

  5. Call out fees are not covered under warranty and will be charged to you accordingly.

  6. If a replacement tint is required for any reason during its warranty period, we will choose and apply a window tint that will match as close as possible.​

  7. ​All heated windows risk damage to heater bars during the process of removing window tint.  ​

  8. If you require to colour match your vehicles privacy glass factory windows, we will recommend our closest legal tint match possible to you. If you choose to ignore our recommendations, please keep in mind that the final tint selections and legal responsibilities are totally yours.

  9. If you require to colour match your vehicles existing tinted windows, we will measure the glass VLT and advise the closest match possible. If the closest possible match happens to exceed the darkest legal permitted, we will advise this to you and go through your options. Please keep in mind that the final tint selections and legal responsibilities will be yours.

  10. We understand that some customers will change their mind from the time of their booking / inquiry, to the time of their booking appointment. If this happens to be the case, please keep in mind that the final tint choice and legal obligations are yours.


  • Bookings / Inquiry (version 20.10.20) 

  1. All bookings will require a written quote and agreed upon.

  2. Bookings can be made via SMS, Email, Website, or via Social Media.

  3. Bookings in advance are essential (a minimum of two days notice is recommended)

  4. All our booking offers come with a time limit. If we do not receive your booking confirmation before your offer expires, your booking will then be available to our next customer.

  5. All new customer details will need to be complete in writing as requested prior to obtaining a final booking confirmation. Your full name, address, email, mobile number, and vehicle number plate numbers will be required in writing. If we do not receive your personal details as requested in writing, we may cancel your booking.

  6. If you are making a booking on behalf of someone else, and need the invoice details in their name, we will require their written consent via sms before we can proceed.

  7. A written reply via SMS, social media or email to confirm your booking when requested is essential. This message is usually sent out the day prior to your booking appointment. If we do not receive a written reply, your booking appointment status will continue as previously agreed.

  8. Calls will not be attended during public and school holidays, however, if you call from a mobile number, we will SMS relevant information.

  9. If your call is from a landline during public and school holidays, you can choose to leave a clear message.

  10. Calls from hidden / private numbers will not be attended.


  • Quote Agreement / Invoice (version 16.07.21) 

  1. Quotes are valid for only 7 days.​

  2. All our quotes are inclusive of GST.

  3. All Vehicle Window Tinting quotes exclude the front windscreen glass, canopy windows and sunroofs, unless they are specifically written on your quote.

  4. Modifications to your car window seals are excluded unless they are specifically written on your quote.

  5. Action Tint quotes will be accurate and in accordance to the details that you have advised.

  6. If any incorrect information was provided to us, or there happens to be an error on our end, we will notify this to you. We will then amend your quote and your invoice for payment.

  7. Proof of your original written quote, including amendments, and/or written agreement may be required so please keep your copy.

  8. All quotes and invoices will be sent via SMS, email, or social media. 


  • Reschedules (version 31.03.20) 

  1. Your bookings appointment will need to be rescheduled if the weather is not suitable for installing the Window Tinting or any other related works. We will contact you via phone as soon as possible, or via SMS, and offer some new booking options.

  2. Due to unexpected delays, including our daily work load, we may be running late on the day of your booking appointment. When this occurs, we will contact you via SMS or call as soon as we possibly can to update our ETA. In some cases, we may also need to reschedule your appointment for another day.

  3. If a job requires more than one day to complete, or we can not complete your job request between the hours of your appointment and the daylight available to us, we will offer our next available appointment to complete our works. Please note, that a daily progress payment will need to be paid for the works that have been complete, and a call out fee will be charged to you accordingly. 

  4. Booking cancellation can only be made in writing, and at least 12 hours prior to your booking appointment. This can be made via SMS, email, and social media. 

  5. In the case of a late booking cancellation, a progress payment will be required if we have already commenced works, and this includes travelling to your location.

  6. If you happen to cancel your booking appointment and do not wish to reschedule for a new appointment, all cash deposits paid for stock orders will not be refunded.


  • Seven Day Service Exclusions (version 16.04.21)

All our services during school holidays, & Public Holidays are limited, or not available. (A minimum of one week notice is recommended for all inquiries). Calls will not be attended during public and school holidays, however, if you call from a mobile number, we will SMS relevant information.

Action Tint will be closed or have limited services on:

New Year's Day / Australia Day / Good Friday  / Holy Saturday  / Easter Sunday  / Easter Monday  / Ipswich Show / Anzac Day / Labour Day / Ekka People's Day / Mothers Day  / Fathers Day / Queen's Birthday / Christmas Eve / Christmas / Boxing Day 


  • Call out fees (version 20.10.20) 

  1. A minimum call out fee of $10 is applicable for our mobile services within our local area.

  2. A call out fee will be charged according to your location and suburb that we will need to come out to.

  3. A call out fee may be charged more than once, or at a higher rate, if your booking requirements are late in the afternoon, and / or your job can not be completed during daylight hours available to us.

  4. Call out fees can be charged at higher rates depending on customer demands. Peak hour traffic / holiday season / public holidays / road closures / roadworks / sports or special event days are some examples to be mindful of.


  • Other Charges (version 16.07.21) 

  1. A minimum charge of $50.00 plus a call out fee will apply to all customers in Ipswich and some border suburbs of Brisbane.

  2. Minimum charge of $125.00 plus a call out fee is applicable to all customers in the Gold Coast and North of Brisbane.

  3. Parking fees will be added to your invoice accordingly. 

  4. Modifications to your car window seals are charged accordingly to customer demands. Prices start at $35.00

  5. Internal Security Screens that are fixed, and fastened securely in position will be quoted, and charged accordingly to customer demands


  • ​Coronavirus Restrictions (version 20.07.21) 

note: please check future updates on the day of your appointment


Your booking will be rescheduled if / or when a public health safety order is in place


You will need to notify us if you or someone in your home:

  1. is experiencing any signs of a cold or flu, and do not have a negative covid-19 test result, at the time of your appointment 

  2. has travelled interstate or overseas for work in the last 30 days

  3. or has been in close physical contact with people who have recently come from overseas or interstate

  4. has been partially or fully vaccinated against Covid-19


The following will apply to all customers with an appointment / booking at our premises:

  1. customers may only drop their vehicle off for tinting at their specified booking time, and pick up at a later time once the tinting is complete.

  2. Customers are currently not allowed to wait within this premises for their car to be tinted.

  3. We will meet you at the front gate, confirm your choice of tint, and take delivery of your vehicle.

  4. On completion, we will send you an SMS and arrange a pick up time with you.