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Gap free tint application - Window rubber seals are removed and re-installed
Trimming Window Tint - Action Tint
Aluminium Window frames with removable rubber seals

In most cases, these rubber seals will be removed and cleaned, whilst we thoroughly clean the glass and the surrounding frame. We will then proceed to install the window tint, prior to re-fitting the rubber seals.

This process is to ensure that your window tint is installed as close to the glass edge as possible, tucking under the window frame. This technique will guarantee that there will be no visible gaps between the tint, the rubber seal or the surrounding window frame.

note: The rubber seals will need to be in good conditions in order for them to be removed and re fitted after the window tint is applied to the glass. If the seals are hard and brittle, they can easily tear, become very difficult to re install, and may also damage the window tint. In this case, we will advise you to have the rubber seals replaced, as these will void our installation warranty.

Aluminium Window frames with fixed rubber seals

Sliding glass doors & other windows manufactured with an internal fixed rubber seal can be trimmed. This process will ensure that your glass is cleaned well enough so that the window tint can be installed as close to the edge of the window frame as possible. No visible gap will be seen, and your glass will look completely tinted.

​However, there are many different window designs, and some don't come with an internal rubber seal. Others may have their seal tucked deeper into the window frame and not visible nor accessible. If this is the case, the tint can only be installed on the glass as close to the edge of your window frame, and depending on the frame structure, a very fine thin gap might be visible. 

note: the gap will not be as noticeable on factory tinted glass when compared to standard clear factory glass.


Timber window frames 

Timber window frames can not be trimmed, and therefore the tint can only be applied as close to the edge of the timer as possible. In this case, when the window tint is installed on clear glass, a very fine thin gap might be visible. The gap may vary depending on the window design and structure. In some cases, no gaps will be visible.


You can choose to have a fully sealed edge of where the glass meets the frame in order to achieve a gap free installation, however, this can not be done until the window tint is fully dry.

Please note that if this process is requested, it will be quoted and charged to you accordingly. 

Your choice of tint is important​

Your choice of window tint will have a direct effect on how visible the gap will be. For example, if you choose a light shade, or grade of tint, the gap will be hardly noticeable, however, if you choose a darker shade of tint, you will more than likely see the fine thin gap all around the window.  


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