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Benefits of Car Window Tinting


These points will illustrate just how important it is to have your windows tinted. 


This will help your eyes not to strain while trying to see through the tinted glass on a bright day created by sunlight reflecting off painted surfaces (houses, buildings, glass, cars).


  • Window tinting is safer at night

Window tinting will reduce glare created by other car headlights driving from behind, helping you see your mirrors much clearer.


  • Window tinting film also helps to protect your vehicles interior

By blocking the harmful UV Rays the tinting will help protect you and your family while inside your car. Tinted windows will also help to prolong the life of your cars interior.


  • Window tinting filters IR rays (infrared)

This allows your cars interior to not heat up as much, makes you feel cooler from direct sunlight and can contribute in running less the air-conditioning unit saving you some fuel money. 


  • Window tinting will reduce cabin heat

This will help the driver and passengers in your vehicle to stay cooler by adding shade to their body. It has also been proven, that a good quality window tint will reduce cabin temperature.


  • Window tinting on your car will add to safety

If your car is involved in an accident and the toughened glass breaks on impact, the tint will help to hold the pieces of glass together preventing any further injuries.


  • Window tinting has health and safety benefits 

Also by keeping your family cooler, there is no need to have the window down avoiding road dust, stones and pollution entering your through your car windows and further preventing the risk of danger. 


  • Easy maintenance

Window Tint is very easy to wipe clean on your car windows.  All you need is a window cleaner without ammonia and a lint free or microfiber cloth or towel. Cleaner windows, will make driving safer too. I use plain water, and sometimes add some methylated spirits on a soft cloth. Mr Sheen has also been proven to be a good product for keeping you tinted windows clean, especially if you have children. Remember to use a moist chamois to finish it off!


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