Car Window Tint Warranty

Car Window Tint Warranty - Action Tint - All our Window Tints come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty, plus our Lifetime Installation Warranty. Please keep a copy of your invoice as proof of purchase.

Note: It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your vehicle's number plates.

Your Car Window Tint Warranty is covered for: Cracking and crazing, or if it becomes blurry and hard to see through, or if it has bubbled or peeled. If any of these issues occur during your cars window tint warranty period, we will replace your window tint.

Note: if you happen to move to another location during your warranty period, and you require a mobile service, a call out fee for our warranty cover may be charged.

Cracking or Crazing

Window tint on any window that begins to crack or craze, or even begin to flake, will be past its due time for replacement. We guarantee this issue will not occur during our warranty period of a total of 10 years.


Faulty window tints of this kind are dangerous as the drivers visibility will be obstructed or blocked. We guarantee our Window Tint will not blur on any window within 10 years of installation. Your window tints will also be covered by Our Lifetime Installation Warranty.


Installing techniques, and Window Tint quality play a big role in this issue. Our Window Tint are guaranteed not to bubble! This issue is covered by both our manufacturer warranty, and our lifetime installation warranty.

Peeling and De-Laminating

Installing techniques are essential when dealing with car windows. Our lifetime installation warranty will guarantee this not to occur.

To ensure that none of these warranty issues occur, it is very important to have your windows tinted by and experienced window tint installer. To view some of our techniques, please click on this link.

Safely removing the faulty window tint also requires experienced Window Tint technicians. To view some of our techniques, please click here.

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