Action Tint Terms & Conditions 

(version 10.9.20) 

  •  Payment options ​including applicable fees

  1. Payment terms are strictly C.O.D (Cash On Delivery)

  2. Payment with the correct amount of cash is essential. (no change will be given) 

  3. Money transfers are accepted.  You will need to email or SMS your proof of payment.

  4. A fee of $0.34c will be charged for payments made via EFTPOS for Cheque or Savings & Debit Card accounts.

  5. A fee of 2.4% will be charged for payments made via EFTPOS for Visa Card & Mastercard

  6. If your payment is being made by one of our accepted cards, you will need to provide your Bank Card. 

Note: a copy of your invoice, and your payment receipt will be sent to you via email​, or social media after your funds have been cleared. 

  •  Payment methods that are not accepted 

  1. Over the phone payments 

  2. Keying in your Bank Card details

  3. Amex cards 

  4. Paypal

  5. Cheques

  6. Any other payment method by prior arrangement only 

  • Home & Office Window Tint Quotes


 Onsite measure and quotes are charged according to your location. (min charge $30.00)

If you are measuring your own windows for a quote :

  1. Please measure the visible glass and add 4cm to both the width and the height.

  2. Alternately, for a rough estimate, measure the whole window or provide house plans.

Note: please clarify the units of length (example: meters, centimetres, millimetres)​


Please advise of any windows:

  1. of reaching height  greater than 2.5 meters from the floor to the top of the glass 

  2. on a Staircase 

  3. in a Kitchen 

  4. in a Bathroom 

  5. that have Internal Security Screens  

  6. on a Front Entrance Door 

  7. made from Timber / Wood  

  8. that are of a Colonial style 

  9. that are Skylights

  10. with obstructions of easy access to the glass that needs to be tinted. (example : fixed furniture, desks, electronics, benches, etc) 

  11. located around swimming pools, or balconies 

  12. made from other material other than glass. (example : perspex, plastic, etc)

  13. that have old, faulty, or unwanted Window Tint that needs to be removed


NOTE: you may be required to provide a photo ​of the window that you need tinted.

  • Vehicle Tinting 

  1. Mobile Car Window Tinting Service : Important requirement info (click here) 

  2. Queensland Car Window Tinting Laws (click here)

  3. Warranty :

  4. Action Tint will recommend you to have your window tint applied to your vehicle's glass at no darker than the legal limits, and keeping your windows clean at all times. If for whatever reasons, you choose to ignore our recommendations, please be aware that if your windows are inspected by an authorised authority, you may be required to remove any window tint that is not compliant to the current rules and regulations of the state of your vehicles registration. In Queensland, a fine may be issued, and one demerit point may be deducted from your license. Authorised authorities include Roadworthy Inspectors, Queensland Transport, and Police.  

  • Trade customers / Companies 

please note : A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount quoted may be required prior to our work commencement 


Please Advise of any

  1. general induction requirements to your work-site 

  2. blue card / general construction induction card (white card) 

  3. contractor form requirements within your company 

  4. your companies payment cycle practice (payment agreement)

please note : If 'your company' requires us to have any 'non compulsory insurance', (including public liability insurance), and/or any general inductions that take longer than 5 minutes of our time to work safe on your site, you will need to mention these prior to requesting a written quote as we need to take these into consideration.   ​

  • Bookings   

  1. All bookings will require a written quote and agreed upon.

  2. Bookings can be made via SMS, Email, Website, or via Social Media.

  3. Bookings in advance are essential (a minimum of two days notice is recommended)

  4. All our booking offers come with a time limit. If we do not receive your booking confirmation before your offer expires, your booking will then be available to our next customer.

  5. All new customer details will need to be complete in writing as requested prior to obtaining a final booking confirmation. Your full name, address, email, mobile number, and vehicle number plate numbers will be required in writing. If we do not receive your personal details as requested in writing, we may cancel your booking.

  6. If you are making a booking on behalf of someone else, and need the invoice details in their name, we will require written consent via sms before we can proceed.

  7. Reply VIA SMS or EMAIL to confirm your booking when requested is essential.

  • Reschedules

  1. Bookings will need to be rescheduled if the weather is not suitable for installing the Window Tinting. We will contact you via phone as soon as possible, or via SMS, and offer some new booking options.

  2.  Due to unexpected delays, we may be running late. When this occurs, we will communicate with you via SMS or call as soon as we possibly can to update our ETA. 

  3. Calls will not be attended during public and school holidays, however, if you call from a mobile number, we will SMS relevant information.

  4. If your call is from a landline during public and school holidays, you can choose to leave a clear message. 

  5. Calls from hidden / private numbers will not be attended.

  • Quote Agreement / Invoice 

  1. Quotes are valid for only 7 days.​

  2. All our quotes are inclusive of GST.

  3. All Vehicle Window Tinting quotes exclude the front windscreen glass, canopy windows and sunroofs, unless they are specifically written on your quote.

  4. Action Tint quotes will be accurate and in accordance to the details that you have advised.

  5. If any incorrect information was provided to us, or there happens to be an error on our end, we will notify this to you. We will then adjust your quote, and your invoice for payment accordingly.

  6. Proof of your original written quote, and/or agreement may be required so please keep your copy.

  7. All quotes and invoices will be sent via SMS, email, or social media. 

  • Seven Day Service Exclusions 

  1. All our services during school holidays, & Public Holidays are limited, or not available. (A minimum of one week notice is recommended for all inquiries)

  2. Action Tint will be closed or have limited services on:

  • Australia Day Mon, 27 Jan 2020

  • Good Friday Fri, 10 Apr 2020

  • Holy Saturday Sat, 11 Apr 2020

  • Easter Sunday Sun, 12 Apr 2020

  • Easter Monday Mon, 13 Apr 2020

  • Anzac Day Sat, 25 Apr 2020 

  • Labour Day Mon, 4 May 2020

  • Mothers Day Sun, 10 May 2020

  • Fathers Day Sun 6 September 2020

  • Queen's Birthday Mon, 5 Oct 2020

  • Christmas Day Fri, 25 Dec 2020

  • Boxing Day Mon, 28 Dec 2020


  • Call out fees

  1. A minimum call out fee of $10 is applicable for our mobile services within our local area.

  2. A call out fee will be charged according to your location and suburb that we will need to come out to.

  3. A call out fee may be charged more than once, or at a higher rate, if your booking requirements are late in the afternoon, and / or your job can not be completed during daylight hours available to us.

  4. Call out fees can be charged at higher rates depending on customer demands. Peak hour traffic / holiday season / public holidays / road closures / roadworks / sports or special event days are some examples to be mindful of.

  • Other Charges

  1. A minimum charge of $50.00 plus a call out fee will apply to all customers in Ipswich and some border suburbs of Brisbane.

  2. Minimum charge of $125.00 plus a call out fee to all customers in the Gold Coast and North of Brisbane.

  3. Parking fees.

  4. Onsite measure and quote are charged according to your location. (min charge $30.00)

  5. A call out fee may be charged in the case of a warranty claim.

  6. If you choose a particular tint that we do not have in stock, a fee of $25.00 will charged per order. A deposit of 50% of your quote will also be required.

  7. A minimum fee of $40.00 will be charged if furniture is needed to be moved by Action Tint in order to access the glass for tinting. 

  • ​Current Promotion (offer extended: 30/11/2020)

Save paying for the cost to have your faulty tints removed


  1. This offer is only valid for vehicle tinting.

  2. You will need to drop the vehicle off to us.

  3. This offer is applicable only if you are getting new tints put on your windows.

  • ​Coronavirus Restrictions

Please note:

  1.  Due to current Coronavirus restrictions, customers may only drop their vehicle off for tinting at their specified booking time, and pick up at a later time once the tinting is complete.

  2. Customers are currently not allowed to wait within this premises for their car to be tinted.

  3. We will meet you at the front gate, confirm your choice of tint, and take delivery of your vehicle.

  4. On completion, we will send you an SMS and arrange a pick up time with you.